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LMS Realty

We'll get you where you need to go!

Real Estate Broker #457245

LMS provides ease of mind in critical decision making when selling or purchasing Houston’s diverse properties. With over 21 years of real estate experience, we know whether a specific property is overpriced or under-priced. We strive in making the best deal possible for our clients, making the hassle of buying, leasing, or selling a much easier and faster process.

Market knowledge

With our experience in the Real Estate Market, we can find the right property for you, at the best price.

Purchase or Listing Contracts

We provide legal review on all contracts to prevent misunderstandings and fraud.

Weekly reports

We are going to send you weekly reports on the options that you wants with price facilities and more.

Guidance through various lenders

Need a lender? We will guide you through our list of lenders that is right for you. 

Up-to-date property listings and benchmarks

We have access to hundreds of properties in Houston, and will make it our priority to find one that suits you.

LMS Membership

If you become a LMS member we rent a U-haul for 2 days so you can easily move to your new house

Contact Us

3800 Hopper Rd, Houston, Texas 77093

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Saturday 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Sunday Closed

281 - 977 - 6572

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